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Founded in the early 1960s by Jean Nidetch, Weight Watchers runs one of the most popular worldwide weight loss programs and it has a proven 40 year track record of helping dieters to lose weight. Weight Watchers has a global network of classes or meetings involving 25 million people per week, and their official website gives details of all services, including:

Weight Watchers Meetings or Weight Watchers Online
Most dieters follow the Weight Watchers program by joining a weekly class, where they meet other dieters, exchange ideas and receive support and advice from the class organizer. However, Weight Watchers also provides an online at-home program.

Weight Watchers Winning Points plan
Weight Watchers is a commercial weight loss program that focuses on balanced low fat nutrition, exercise and group counseling. Its latest diet creation is called "FlexPoints" and is based on its successful "Winning Points Plan." Every item of food from pizza to ice cream to carrots to bread has a points value based on its nutritional content. You may eat as you like as long as you stay within your allotment of points. Each week you have 35 reserve points (flexpoints) to use for unplanned activities or cravings. This new program is basically the same as the old, but uses the points in a slightly different manner. You are assisted by a points "calculator" and recipes provided by Weight Watchers. To assist the dieter in their lifestyle changes all members are encouraged to attend group discussion and counseling sessions, mostly in person, at local Weight Watchers centers.

Weight Watchers eTools
The Internet weight-loss companion for Weight Watchers Meetings members allows you to stay connected with Weight Watchers between Meetings. You can access their online resources at a very special price.

Weight Watchers Products , recipes and Magazine
Weight Watchers provides the information, knowledge, tools and motivation through recipes, books and magazines to help you develop your own successful long-term weight management plan.

Weight Watchers maintains that healthful weight management requires a comprehensive lifestyle program that includes emotional, mental and physical health within an environment of group support.

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