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   Tai Chi and Weight Loss

What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi works as an alternative therapy for weight loss. Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art based on fluid movement and on a gentle yielding motion which relaxes and stimulates every part of the body. In Chinese, Tai chi means the "'Supreme Ultimate Force ".

Tai Chi uses meditation and deep breathing through a series of continuous exercises, called "forms," which resemble slow-moving ballet. Though it originated as a martial art (evolving from qigong), tai chi is now practiced more for its therapeutic benefits, which include reducing stress, promoting balance and flexibility, and even easing arthritis pain.

Over time, a variety of styles or schools of Tai Chi have evolved:

  • Chen Style
  • Hao ( or Wu Shi ) Style
  • Hu Lei Style
  • Sun Style
  • Wu Style
  • Yang Style
  • Zhao Bao Style

How does Tai Chi work?
The continuous flowing movements of Tai Chi relax muscles and joints, which strengthens the body from the inside. Through movement and meditation, Tai Chi promotes robust physical health, and peace of mind.

What are the benefits of Tai Chi?

The integration of the inner structure through Tai Chi leads to a more balanced energy level, better health and greater emotional and physical stability.

  • Tai Chi is one of the few exercises which can be done by virtually any person regardless of their condition.
  • It improves the activities of daily living for people with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis - to name a few.
  • The meditative nature of exercises fosters a calm and tranquil mind.
  • It benefits poor postural, alignment or movement patterns which can contribute to tension or injury.
  • It is a moderate cardiovascular training exercise, which has a significant effect on lung function.
  • It can beneficially alter the lipid profile thereby it can prevent atherosclerosis.
  • It regulates the immune system.
  • It helps postural alignment and helps reduce spinal degeneration.
  • It is a weight bearing exercise, so it can help in maintaining bone density.
  • It improves balance in older people and thus reduces the risk of falling--a major cause of death and disability in the elderly.
  • The improved energy circulation experienced through meditation and Tai Chi has a regenerating affect on the nervous system.
  • The improvement in energy circulation and the transformation of negative emotional and mental states are significant factors in the elimination of chronic illnesses.
  • Physical tension in the body is greatly reduced and this leads to a reduction in mental tension. Thinking becomes more lucid, the mind more peaceful, the temper more gentle. People have found that headaches and migraine are eliminated.

Tai Chi and Weight Loss

Tai chi can help in losing weight. It makes you more aware of your internal strength and stimulates the mind/body connection. It is a natural way to lose weight by increased strength, flexibility, better circulation, increased metabolism and elimination of negative emotions.

Tai chi is a highly enjoyable way to stay relaxed and healthy. Tai Chi gives you inner peace, joy and vitality. Tai Chi benefits come in the form of reduced stress, and an improved ability to deal with difficult situations.

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