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   Hypnosis and Weight Loss

Now hypnosis is recognized as an effective therapy for a growing number of medical and psychological applications. Dozens of research programs on hypnosis are carried out in universities and medical schools in the United States , Canada , Europe , and Australia . There are thousands of practitioners, clinically unlicensed, who advertise their services as hypnotists.

Hypnosis is a state of mind characterized by an extreme concentration of attention which facilitates the planting of positive ideas into the thinking of an individual. These ideas can pertain to the outcome desired by the person. Hypnosis is done in different ways. Some use fixing the gaze on a single spot, or candle flame. Sounds or music have been used to induce hypnosis. The modern method, preferred by many professionals, is the use of descriptive imagery to bring about a powerful concentration on the inner senses.

Hypnosis for Weight Loss
Hypnosis for weight loss should be considered if you have tried several ways to lose weight or to stop binge eating and end up feeling deprived and anxious.

Hypnosis allegedly facilitates successful weight loss without the usual cravings of dieting by directly accessing and influencing the unconscious mind. Hypnosis can lead to behavior modification to change the way participants eat and exercise.

Hypnosis Empowers your Mind
Any diet is only as effective as the willingness of the person dieting to stick with the diet's requirements. Hypnosis can help participants control cravings - especially for foods high in sugar or salt - slow down eating, reduce portion sizes and create desires for healthy foods. Hypnosis can also induce motivation to remain on the diet to make it a success.

Hypnosis can also support the various diet plans popular today.

Hypnosis is different from other programs because it works on your sub-conscious to help you achieve your target. When the subconscious can be coaxed to reveal the real reasons behind over-eating, real success soon follows.

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