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  Coronary Artery Disease

Coronary artery disease is closely linked to Cholesterol. The arteries which supplies blood to the heart muscles hardens and becomes narrow due to the buildup of plaque on the inner walls of the arteries. As a result proper blood flow is reduced decreasing oxygen supply to the heart muscle. This results in CAD. It is the most common type of heart disease and a leading cause of death amongst American men and women. At first, a doctor will prescribe a diet. If your cholesterol levels have not decreased, treatment would include medication too, which may include diet pills.

Several complications occur when blood flow and oxygen is reduced.

If you feel a pressure or squeezing pain in your chest, you may be showing symptoms of Angina. Angina is a chest pain that occurs when your heart muscle doesn't get enough blood. The pain may also come in your shoulder, arms, neck or it may also feel like indigestion.

Heart attack
A clot in the coronary artery leads to heart attacks. This blockage often leads to irregular heart beats or strange rhythm causing sudden death. Heart attack is life threatening. Always ask the doctor about its symptoms and warning signals. Many people suffer permanent damage to their heart.

An irregular heart beat, a change in its rhythm are symptoms of Arrhythmias. It can have serious consequences if not treated at the right time.

Heart Failure
Heart failure occurs when the heart fails to pump enough blood throughout the body. The pumping action of the heart grows weaker over time and leads to heart failures. It can affect one side or both sides of the heart. Mostly it affects the left side. In this case, the heart finds it difficult to pump oxygen rich blood to various parts of the body. When the failure is on the right side, pumping of blood to the lungs gets affected. In the US nearly 5 million people have heart failures.

Low fat eating, more exercise interests, increased physical activities, good eating habits and a disciplined lifestyle can avoid cholesterol and diseases like CAD which is related to cholesterol.

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